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Self Love  

  • Are you one who many see as having it all put together? On the outside you come across as extroverted and brimming with self-confidence, but deep inside the crevasses of your mind, you continually question your self-worth or constantly question the major decisions you make.

  • Are you one who others seek advice or help from to fix their problems? 

  • Do you find yourself constantly putting the needs of others before your own?  

  • Do you find it hard to say “no” to others, especially, loved ones because you don’t want to hurt their feelings?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, join the multitude of women who struggle with feeling the need to self-sacrifice and overcompensate to experience a sense of self-worth. Our mainstream society often defines one’s sense of worth based on their level of income, educational status, level of productivity,

attractiveness, position at work, etc.


You may not be earning a 6-figure income or look like Beyonce, Serena Williams or Angela Bassett, but I assure you that you are worthy.

The fact that you are alive, and a breathing human being speaks to your inherent worth.

 Your presence and emotional support to the people around you are priceless. Sadly, many people including yourself may overlook this important fact. 


Take a Look Inside of 

Self Love  

The Keys to Your Wellness

An 8-week course with homework assignments designed to help you challenge and let go of the myths regarding your self-worth and help you embark on a journey where you will:

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  1. Create and practice a self-loving mindset; 

  2. Increase your ability to be self-aware

  3. Check your inner critic and work from your inner guide

  4. Stop questioning “am I good enough” and realize how and why “you are more than enough”

  5. Learn how to continue to be of service without losing yourself

  6. Engage in behaviors that help to enhance your self-esteem and 

  7. Enables you to be brave enough to not only pursue the goals you were too fearful to pursue but more importantly, to love and live in your true self.

Course participation will be via virtual sessions and communication via email.  If you are interested in embarking on a journey of awareness and empowerment, please enroll in this course. 

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