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Impactful healing starts
with facings your hard truths 


How We Can Help

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Removing Obstacles

We understand that taking the first steps to seeking therapy can be hard.  Having to deal with 

  1. the cultural stigma surrounding therapy,

  2. the stigma around depression and anxiety,

  3. finding a therapist who can understand your experiences and concerns

  4. the challenges with insurance companies and affordability of services, are a few of the known obstacles to therapy.

We at Vedrine's Healing services recognize these hurdles and do our best to help clients navigate these obstacles.  We recognize that asking for help, though at times difficult, is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of resilience.   


Our goal is to help individuals, couples and families take the necessary steps needed to heal the hurts that often serve to prevent their growth. We help our clients re-author their story from one rooted in pain and despair to one rooted in power and hope. 

Be Your Best Self

Are your actions in alignment with your beliefs and who you say you are?  Do you know the depth and value of your self-worth?  Do you have a tendency of accepting the unacceptable? 

If you answered "no" to one or more of these questions; most likely you are not being your best self.  

Our therapists will help you start your healing process by helping you face your hard truths while tapping into your resilience.    We help you learn how to make decisions that honor your best self.

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Many of us are existing on the sideline of our lives, allowing others to define and determine how we navigate our lives.  Often engaging in the game of belonging and fitting in to one's own detriment.  Vedrine's Healing Services focuses on helping our clients to move forward and be at the center of their life journey decisions.


Upon recognizing the need to operate from a position of power, we help our clients develop a plan to work toward living in their full potential.  


At Vedrine's Healing Services we recognize that our relationships are truly reflections of the relationship we have with ourselves.  We help you learn how to better honor yourself and your boundaries thus enabling you to have better relational dynamics with the people in your life.

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What We Do











Impactful Healing Starts With
Facing Your Hard Truths 


In light of the COVID 19 pandemic we are facing, Vedrine’s Healing Services would like to assure you that your health and safety as well as that of our team is of utmost importance. We continue to be committed to providing quality service during these difficult times. 


In an effort to both provide quality services and maintain everyone’s health we are temporarily transitioning to providing our therapy services and professional development trainings via digital mediums such as webinars and other live or real time video streams.

Please also note that Dr. Vedrine is a Board-Certified Telehealth Mental Health (BC-TMH) Provider and that we have the technological capability of offering telemental health sessions (specifically via video conferencing or telephonic therapy) through our secure, HIPPA compliant software. 


We continue to take our daily sanitation precautions and are also asking that you join us in continually taking the recommended precautions and following the guidelines provided by the CDC to ensure safety and prevention for our community both locally and globally. For the facts and latest updates please visit the CDC website at


With each of us doing our part, we will all get through this time together!

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